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The next evolution in epic Thunderpack technology.....we present to you The Night Rider! Lean, mean and fuckin BLACKED OUT! We have teamed up with See See Motorcycles to forge the ultimate adventure vessel. Yes you can carry all yer shit....but wait....there's more than meets the eye! This bag comes stock with a checkerboard Lining System, 2 removable velcro backed logos, and the almost patented MegaClip Dura-Claw for attaching keys or whatever the fuck you want. BUT...that's not all folks!! We are hooking you up with the retractable lighter leash. You can customize your ass off to help you succeed in the ultimate mission to INTIMIDATE YOUR SURROUNDINGS! • Highly durable pleather material • Comes with 2 removable and interchangeable velcro backed logos • Winning Interioriginal Checkerboard Lining-Systemz • MegaClip Dura-Claw for attaching extra shit • Soft cotton straps won't chafe the shit out of your massive beer gut • Comes equipped with the lighter leash and sum bitchin stickers

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